DocumentCategory 1.02 en

code name description category category-name
A01 Pre- and post-project impact appraisal A Activity Level
A02 Objectives / Purpose of activity A Activity Level
A03 Intended ultimate beneficiaries A Activity Level
A04 Conditions A Activity Level
A05 Budget A Activity Level
A06 Summary information about contract A Activity Level
A07 Review of project performance and evaluation A Activity Level
A08 Results, outcomes and outputs A Activity Level
A09 Memorandum of understanding (If agreed by all parties) A Activity Level
A10 Tender A Activity Level
A11 Contract A Activity Level
B01 Annual report B Agency Level
B02 Institutional Strategy paper B Agency Level
B03 Country strategy paper B Agency Level
B04 Aid Allocation Policy B Agency Level
B05 Procurement Policy and Procedure B Agency Level
B06 Institutional Audit Report B Agency Level
B07 Country Audit Report B Agency Level
B08 Exclusions Policy B Agency Level
B09 Institutional Evaluation Report B Agency Level
B10 Country Evaluation Report B Agency Level