CollaborationType 1.01 en

code name description language
1 Bilateral Bilateral transactions are those undertaken by a donor, excluding core contributions to other organisations (codes 2 and 3 below). It includes transactions channelled through other organisations. en
2 Multilateral Multilateral contributions are those made to a recipient institution which: i. conducts all or part of its activities in favour of development; ii. is an international agency, institution or organisation whose members are governments, or a fund managed autonomously by such an agency; and iii. pools contributions so that they lose their identity and become an integral part of its financial assets. en
3 Bilateral, core contributions to NGOs and other private bodies / PPPs Bilateral funds paid over to national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), or other private bodies for use at their discretion. en
4 Multilateral outflows Aid activities financed from the multilateral institutions' regular budgets. en
6 Private sector outflow en